Destiny Track


That's the three step process we believe every follower of Christ needs: a place to connect, a place to grow, and a place to serve.  But church is more than a place, it's people.  That's why at the center of all growth is relationships.  So, more than anything else, at Destiny we encourage relationships over rules and rhetoric.  Relationship with God and others.  PEOPLE are our #1 priority!  Connecting with God, and people! Growing in God, and with people! Serving God, alongside people!




DESTINATION 101 - All About Destiny Church

This seminar provides a deeper look into the Destiny Church Family. In this seminar we discuss our vision, beliefs, ministries, leadership and staff.  At the completion of this seminar, membership is offered upon meeting requirements and signing the Membership Covenant. Each participant is encouraged to sign up for an entry level ministry to get connected with the church family.  Lunch and childcare are provided!

DESTINATION 201 - Spiritual Essentials

This seminar focuses on spiritual maturity. What does it mean to be a mature Christian? What do I need to do to grow spiritually?  The Bible teaches that spiritual development begins by establishing new habits in your life that deepen your relationship with God. This seminar is designed to provide you with the foundational tools needed to take steps toward becoming a fully devoted follower of Jesus Christ. Also, Life Groups are a foundational part of growing in Christ.  As we do "life together" we help make one another stronger and find support for difficult times.  Upon completion of this track you will be encouraged to join a small group in the church.

DESTINATION 301 - Spiritual Discovery

This seminar explores who God made YOU to be! Find out how God has shaped you for individual ministry. You will be given tools that will assist you in discovering the unique combination of spiritual gifts, interests, abilities, personality, and life experience that you possess. The Bible teaches that every member of the church is a minister. Once 301 and 401 are completed people are then qualified to pursue other ministries of the church.

DESTINATION 401 - Destiny Dream Team

This seminar will help you understand your life mission: sharing Christ’s love and serving others. Upon completion of this track you will be prepared to be involved in ministries of the church other than entry level positions.  This seminar is also designed to help you undrstand our heartbeat for serving others and help you get involved in service projects and ministries.